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The Teamshares Leadership Accelerator

Prepare to become a Teamshares network company president with the four-week intensive Leadership Accelerator program. Upon graduation, each cohort of presidents joins a community of peers within Teamshares Inc. and gains access to exclusive products and services. 

Experience a peer-based learning environment where you'll learn to effectively lead and grow a small business.

Learn the foundations of financial acumen 

  • Build a three-statement financial model
  • Understand how to budget for different economic scenarios
  • Learn to break down the unit economics of every business line at a small business

Master your skills by solving real business problems

  • Participate in case studies based on real events from Teamshares companies
  • Understand relational nuances and build a strategy to create trust between employee owners and the former owner
  • Work in a group to perform and present a consulting project for an existing Teamshares small business president

Build a strong and responsive network of peer leaders

  • Gain access to a peer network of 60+ presidents
  • Enjoy cohort-based networking events during and after the program
  • Meet with 10 existing Teamshares presidents within your industry

Accelerator schedule

The Leadership Accelerator is a cohort-based education split between four-weeks of synchronous and asynchronous remote and in-person work.


Week 1 - Leadership development education (Remote)

Day 1: Teamshares orientation


Understand the Teamshares business model and how to facilitate a culture of employee ownership.

Day 2: Transitioning stakeholders


Learn how to successfully transition the business from former owner and gain employee owner trust.

Day 3:


Master techniques to identify the highest ROI projects at any business and how to execute them effectively.

Day 4: Pricing & business lines


Diagram how money flows through the business and what levers to pull to increase cash flow.


Week 2 - Financial education (Remote)

Day 1: Projections & cash flows


Create GAAP-compliant historical statements and project a three-statement financial model.

Day 2: Unit economics


Learn how to detail unit economics per business line for real companies across various industries.

Day 3: Economic scenarios


Create a range of financial models based on the needs of various economic scenarios. 

Day 4:


Create a budget based on the annual needs and seasonal cash flow of a business.


Week 3 - Business development labs (In-person)

Day 1-5:


Work in a peer group within the cohort to apply learnings from weeks one and two to a consulting project for an existing Teamshares network company.


Week 4 - Company specific information (Remote)

Day 1-5: 


Gain access to the Teamshares president resource hub, speak with existing presidents to understand a "day in the life", check-in with the former owner of your small business for transition documentation, review Teamshares resources, and complete a final check-in with the Leadership Accelerator cohort.

Meet the instructors

Our education team works with Teamshares presidents full-time for the duration of the Leadership Accelerator program and provides 1:1 coaching throughout the president experience, to ensure presidents are learning and supported on their entire leadership journey. 

Parth Shah
2018 Teacher of the Year, Lambda School


Leigh Avera
Fulbright Scholar


Ofelia Salgado
20 years training Wall Street investment bankers


Kimberly Yao
Past Deloitte consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Teamshares Leadership Accelerator cost money?

The Leadership Accelerator is free and available to anyone who is accepted to become a small business president of a Teamshares network company. 

Is the Teamshares Leadership Accelerator full-time?

Yes, the four-week program is full-time including three weeks of remote learning and one week of in-person labs. Participants cannot have another job or be actively pursuing a degree during the program. 

What background do I need to have to apply?

There is no required background for leaders accepted into the program. We believe that different backgrounds are perspectives lead to better decision-making and more innovative work environments.

We're seeking all leaders with a mindset of empathy, growth, and humility, and a desire to help make employee ownership the future of small business. 

What is the admissions process?

Candidates must apply to The Teamshares Leadership Accelerator with a written application and a one-way video interview. 

If accepted, candidates will complete a first-round phone interview and virtual final-round interviews before being accepted into the program.

When is the deadline to apply?

The Teamshares Leadership Accelerator has a rolling deadline to apply. The program is ongoing with cohorts beginning each month.